Speech and Language Therapy Services in Ireland – A Crisis in Need of Resolution

Position Paper – Introduction

Given the chaotic state of speech and language therapy services as provided by the Health Services, the Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland (‘the Association’) has undertaken its own analysis of the problems that exist. In so doing it has examined the various reports carried out, as well as taken cognicance of the views of interested parties and most particularly the views and experiences of its own members.
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Information Evening, 7 February 2002 – Report

Our information evening on Thursday 7th February 2002 was attended by approximately 70 people and proved very worthwhile if gauged by the turnout and the level of audience participation. The presentation by Mr. Michael Earley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Temple Street Children’s Hospital, was very well received, and there were many contributions from the floor on issues very close to people’s hearts.
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Information Evening 13 November 1999 – Report

This year’s guest speakers at the Information Evening were Mr. David Orr, Plastic Surgeon, Crumlin Hospital; Mr. Eamon McKiernan, Orthodontist, James Street Hospital and Ms. Catherine Cunningham, Speech & Language Therapist, Crumlin Hospital.

Mr. Orr gave a slide show presentation on current treatments for Cleft, together with Mr. McKiernan & Ms Cunningham they outlined treatment from their respective disciplines.
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UK Annual Meeting 30 October 1999 – Report

Report on visit to CLAPA UK Annual Meeting in London on Saturday 30th October 1999.

Attending: Eddie Byrne

11.05 a.m.
Meeting opened by Gareth Davies, Chief Executive, CLALA UK.

11.10 p.m.
Configuration of the new cleft services – an overview.
Speaker: Dr. Sheila Adams, Medical Director of Health Services at NHS and Deputy Chief Medical Officer. Responsible for development and implementation of specialist medical care.
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Information Evening 22 October 1998 – Report

On the night of October 22nd 1998, the Dublin Branch of the Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland held an information evening in the Banker’s Club, St. Stephen’s Green. We wish to profoundly thank our speakers for the evening, Mr. Michael Earley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peadar Kirke of the Health Research Bureau, and Eilis Murphy, Speech Therapist. We also wish to thank those who contributed to the outstandng attendance on the evening.
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