Root Canal Treatment

We recently had a query from one of our parents about Root Canal Treatment. On a routine visit to the Orthodontist in St. James’s Hospital our parent was advised that root canal treatment might be needed for daughter Christina. The question raised was where could root canal treatment be received and would there be a cost.

Thanks to Mr. McKiernan of St. James Hospital we can tell our readers that

  • Root canal treatment is regarded in the same way as fillings and regular dental hygiene treatments.
  • Root canal work is not done in St. James Hospital but is carried out by the local dentist.
  • If a patient needs root canal treatment, the orthodontist will write to the local dentist.
  • The local dentist will then arrange treatment.
  • As with other cleft treatments there is no charge to the patient for this work.

Remember – children born with a cleft are entitled to attend their local dentist from the time their first tooth appears. Regular check ups are to be encouraged to make sure that both baby and second teeth remain healthy and as strong as possible.

Of course, avoiding sugary products and brushing well regularly are essential parts of good tooth care! But we all know that … don’t we!

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