Our History

The Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland (CLAPAI) was inaugurated in 1981 to serve the interests of cleft palate individuals and families. CLAPAI is proud of its record of achievements over the years, including;-

  • Information and support for parents/patients
  • Funding of vital equipment for hospitals
  • Seminars involving parents and the medical profession
  • Grants for medical staff and students to enhance knowledge
  • Booklets and pamphlets

In addition, the Association has played a prominent role in the formulation and development of government and medical policy and the resultant level of medical services, which were spartan initially, are now vastly improved, always with scope for improvement.


Right: Margaret and Tom Hand, two of the original founders, with Georgina Wade (click to enlarge)
In November 1988, a limited company structure was devised and the Revenue Commissioners granted charity status* for the purpose of the tax laws thereto. Accounts are lodged with the Companies Office in line with statutory requirements.The current Memorandum (excerpts) and Articles of Association were adopted by Special Resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 12th December 1990.

Efforts in recent years have included revitalising the organization as a national entity, ensuring that the association acts as a unified group, and devising and implemeting administrative structures for the future in keeping with a national charitable organization.

The launch of the official website of our Association in September 2000 was seen as an important step in fulfilling our remit and attaining our objectives.

*(Footnote: There is no statutory (or other) body in Ireland charged with exercising a supervisory role of charities. There is no requirement that charities register nor is there any facility for them to do so. ‘Registered charity’ status refers to designation by the Revenue Commissioners).

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