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CLAPAI seeks to provide support through talking to new parents and providing advice on feeding, and ongoing medical care throughout the treatment. Most of the people active on the CLAPAI committee are parents themselves, and thus are in a position to give a valuable perspective, practical advice and support. To this end we supply an information booklet to parents and maternity hospitals. The Cleft Lip & Palate Association of Ireland (CLAPAI), registered charity, is a voluntary group formed to provide support and information for parents of children affected by cleft lip and palate and those directly affected by the condition. It is a Company limited by guarantee and has been granted charity status* by the Revenue Commissioners.

CLAPAI has also been active in fund-raising in order to aid hospitals and clinics in the purchase of new equipment, and has assisted in sending medical professionals to conferences abroad.

Our Association is staffed by unpaid volunteers who are primarily parents of cleft infants, and all the funds of the Association are directed to achieving our objectives.

Excerpt from our Memorandum of Association

The Association is established for the following objects:

To undertake, promote, protect and encourage any one or more of the following in relation to or in connection with the congenital condition known as cleft lip and/or palate… namely, medical and scientific research, medical training, medical and health education (including education for the public generally), and to offer support to and to foster mutual help and co-operation among the parents of, and persons born with, cleft lip and/or palate.

*Footnote: There is no statutory (or other) body in Ireland charged with exercising a supervisory role of charities. There is no requirement that charities register nor is there any facility for them to do so. ‘Registered charity’ status refers to designation by the Revenue Commissioners).

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