Research – A Message from the HRB

The Health Research Board wishes to sincerely thank all the CLAPAI members who have taken part in our study so far. The study has continued to expand with over 1, seek 000 families presently involved. The more people we have in the study the more valid our research findings will be. The study aims are to find out what causes clefts and to investigate how clefts can be prevented from occurring. Without the valuable input from families, we would not be able to undertake this important research.

The research team will be recruiting up to the autumn of 2004, so it is not too late to take part. We would also like to ask people who have yet to return study materials, such as swabs, consent forms and questionnaires, to return them as soon as possible or contact the research team for replacements (Freephone number 1 800 201074). This will help us to get results as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that this study will bring answers to why clefts occur and how to prevent them and we would like to thank you again for taking part.

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