Baby, just look at you now…

Listen to this post, see belowThe following has been reproduced from the Derbyshire Times (UK, June 2001), courtesy of Jo Watson, baby Olivia’s mum.

How little Olivia has overcome problems to be an inspiration to others

Olivia and JoDevastated Jo Watson’s world fell apart when she learned her unborn baby’s face was literally not joining together properly.
But in a few days’ time, the same child – born with a cleft lip and palate – is to be one of the prettiest stars of GMTV’s massive charity fund-raising drive, Get Up and Give.

TV bosses believe the way Jo and little Olivia have overcome their problems will act as an inspiration to others in the same situation. And charity chiefs at the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) hope that highlighting their brave plight will help a fund-raising drive.
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