Information Evening, Feb’08 – A Report

Listen to this post, see belowTalk from Tanya Knadjian , Changing Faces

Tanya Knadjian from Changing FacesWe had a very successful Information Evening (Tue 26th Feb), with over 40 people in attendance, and the talk by Tanya Knadjian from Changing Faces was very well received! Tanya gave us invaluable advice on how our children born with cleft can cope with difference in their school and play environments. Tanya engaged very well with the audience, and her advice was hugely practical and enlightening. Many thanks to Tanya and Changing Faces!

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Maternity Pack Launch

Dr Michael Robson, Master of the National Maternity Hospital, who launched our Maternity pack, had very positive words to say about the Pack and the contribution of the Association. 
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Information Evening & Maternity Pack Launch!

Venue: Accenture, 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 (4th Floor) (see map below)

Listen to this post, see belowALL ARE WELCOME
Put this date in your diary - Tuesday, 26 Feb. Doors open at 7.45pm.

Guest Speaker: Tanya Knadjian from Changing Faces 
Following a successful talk in 2003, we have asked Changing Faces back to give us advice on how our children born with cleft can cope with difference in their school and play environments.

Changing Faces is an organisation that was set up in Britain over 10 years ago and has a lot of experience in this area. The aim of Changing Faces is to enable people to tackle disfigurement with confidence.  It does this by providing information, support, counselling, workshops, family days and other activities. The organisation has researched practical ways to help deal with difficulties that may be experienced at school or elsewhere.

Grand Canal SquareRight: Venue, 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2. 
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Contribution towards purchase of 3D Equipment

see below” src=”” alt=”Listen to this post, see below” width=”16″ height=”16″ align=”absMiddle” />Thanks to the efforts of some of our young adults that were born with a cleft, the Association is in a position to contribute €6,700 towards the cost of software required for the new 3D equipment that will be used by the Dublin Cleft Team.  The new equipment will facilitate better pre-operation planning for work that is typically carried out on teenagers and young adults.  The Association is very pleased to be able to help in this way.

The cheque will be presented to the Dublin Cleft Team at our Information Evening on 26th February.

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Special Fundraising Effort

In our last Newsletter we mentioned a fund raising drive that has been launched to get new equipment for planning treatment. The piece we are fundraising for is a new computerised 3 Dimensional Capture systems.
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