Information Evening 22 October 1998 – Report

On the night of October 22nd 1998, the Dublin Branch of the Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland held an information evening in the Banker’s Club, St. Stephen’s Green. We wish to profoundly thank our speakers for the evening, Mr. Michael Earley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peadar Kirke of the Health Research Bureau, and Eilis Murphy, Speech Therapist. We also wish to thank those who contributed to the outstandng attendance on the evening.

Mr. Earley spoke about the distribution of clefts, the variations in type and severity of the condition. He also covered issues regarding the operational aspects and timing of both lip and palate surgery, bone grafting, lip revisions and nasendoscopy. His talk had the crowd enthralled, and was illustrated by slides.

Dr. Peadar Kirke explained the details of the research currently being undertaken by the Health Research Bureau into the causes behind cleft lip and palate, specifically concentrating on the role of folic acid. He stressed that the team undertaking the research had previously had a breakthrough in similiar research into the causes of Spins Bifida. He also stressed the need for the co-operation of CLAPAI in the collection of samples from as many people as possible who have cleft lip or palate, and their parents.

Eilis Murphy spoke about the cleft team approach, the general aspects and theories behind speech therapy, nasendoscopy and video fluoroscopy.

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