Memorandum of Association

The Association is established for the following objects:

“To undertake, promote, protect and encourage any one or more of the following in relation to or in connection with the congenital condition known as cleft lip and/or palate… namely, medical and scientific research, medical training, medical and health education (including education for the public generally), and to offer support to and to foster mutual help and co-operation among the parents of, and persons born with, cleft lip and/or palate.

To promote such research and medical training as aforesaid by creating fellowships, establishing scholarships, by making grants and other benefactions and providing equipment and other facilities for research and training into Cleft Lip and/or Palate in Ireland and if thought advisable elsewhere.

To act as a representative body for persons, institutions, companies interested in cleft lip and/or palate in relation to other bodies concerned with raising and distributing money for similar or allied purposes in Ireland or elsewhere.

To act if so requested in an advisory capacity to any Government Department, public or private institution or body of persons on matters appertaining to the causes and means of cure or alleviation of cleft lip and/or palate.

To seek to co-ordinate all aspects of research into cleft lip and/or palate in Ireland and to co-operate with such work in foreign countries.

To communicate by lectures and by publications knowledge gained in relation to cleft lip and/or palate.

To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, courses, exhibitions, public meetings, classes, and conferences and the organization of study groups and seminars calculated directly or indirectly to advance medical, scientific, technical or general knowledge relating to, and associated with, cleft lip and/or palate and to organize, sponsor, provide for and encourage attendance at and participation in such lectures, (etc.) wheresoever held and by whomsoever provided or organized.”

These excerpts are from the Memorandum of Association adopted by Special Resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 12th December 1990.

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