Information Evening (Nov’05) – Report

Our Information Evening (22nd November) was attended by some 34 people, and if success can be gauged by the number of questions emanating from the audience, then this evening was a resounding success. Whether the topic was orthodontics or genetics, the audience displayed great interest in the subject matter and were very appreciative of the speakers’ contributions.

Our first speaker was Eamon McKiernan, Consultant Orthodontist at St. James’s Hospital, and responsible nationally for the orthodontal care of cleft patients. Eamon gave an overview on orthodontal treatment, paying special attention to orthodontic treatment at the bone grafting stage as well as the work associated with jaw surgery in the late teens. Our second speaker, Sally Ann Lynch, Geneticist with the National Centre for Medical Genetics at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, gave the first ever talk on the subject of Genetics. She explained the nature of genetic counselling, and outlined the role of the National Centre for Medical Genetics.

The Evening started with the Annual General Meeting under the stewardship of Tony O’Connor who presented the annual accounts for the year ended 31st December 2004.

The Committee took the opportunity to make a special presentation to Tony to mark his 25 years involvement with the Association. Tony recently stepped down as a Director of the Association. We wish Tony well in his ‘retirement’ from the Association, although we know Tony will never be far away from cleft matters and his knowledge and guidance will always be something the Association can count on.

I would therefore like to thank you Tony on behalf, firstly, of all those for whom you have worked selflessly and tirelessly over the years and who have benefited greatly from your help, and secondly on behalf of all the colleagues and friends with whom you have worked alongside on the committee, current and past.

Eddie Byrne, Chairperson

See photos from the evening below.

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