Bottles & BREXIT

CLAPAI will be receiving a delivery of 500 bottles on 16th December 2020.  It is planned to make Cleft Bottle Contingency packs available to maternity hospitals. Email for further information. 

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Parent Led Articulation Therapy (PLAT) Update and Call for Volunteers.

The Parent Led Articulation Therapy (PLAT) project has been on-going for a number of months now and the research group so far is showing very promising results.

To get the best results possible for everyone we are encouraging new volunteers to get involved.

This two centre study is being run by Dr. Triona Sweeney, Trinity College Dublin and Dr. Debbie Sell, Great Ormond Street Hospital. Parents are encouraged to participate in this study as this will help us find out whether this novel new approach to speech therapy for children with cleft palate related speech problems is effective. Four parents who have already attended the training course were extremely positive about the programme. Following the home programme they said that “you feel like you are instrumental – taking some power yourself”, and how they realised that children “need a little bit every day, a weekly appointment is not enough”.

If you want further information about the project contact your cleft unit or Triona by phone at 085 1754614 or email

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Special Fundraising Effort

In our last Newsletter we mentioned a fund raising drive that has been launched to get new equipment for planning treatment. The piece we are fundraising for is a new computerised 3 Dimensional Capture systems.
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Submission re. New Children’s Hospital

Submission to Rawlinson Kelly & Whittlestone Ltd (RKW) and the Joint HSE/DoHC Transition Group for the New Children’s Hospital

From the Cleft Lip & Palate Association of Ireland

This submission to Rawlinson Kelly & Whittlestone Ltd (RKW) and the Joint HSE/DoHC Transition Group for the New Children’s Hospital has been made as a result of an invitation extended to charities present at a meeting of the HSE & RKW. The meeting was organised and facilitated by Children in Hospital Ireland and involved a number of children’s health voluntary groups.

Date: 27th February 2007

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New Graduate Nursing Programme

For some years CLAPAI has been invited by Our Ladies Hospital for Sick Children and Children’s University Hospital to lecture as part of their postgraduate paediatric nursing programmes. The talks given have concentrated on a parent’s experience – medical, emotional, practical. A number of volunteers have shared their experiences – each person with a different story. The feedback from students has always been positive.

This year, a new combined programme comes into affect. The programme is being run from UCD. The Association are delighted that CLAPAI is very much a part of the programme going forward even though the course duration has been reduced from 18months to 12 months. The first lecture of the new programme will be given in January.

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Hospital News – Bone Graft Surgery

Traditionally children that have their first surgeries in OLHSC Crumlin move to St James for their bone grafts. From 2006, bone graft surgery will revert to Crumlin. The Association is very pleased with this move, as we believe wherever possible children should receive medical treatment in a children’s medical environment.

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