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Related Syndromes

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There are some 400 known syndromes associated with cleft lip and/or palate. A study (1970)[2] 1 by F. C. Fraser noted that approximately 3% of all cases of clefting were associated with known syndromes. A Danish study (1988)[3] 2 indicated a figure of 4.3% and concluded that this figure probably underestimated the true frequency with which other anomalies were associated with facial clefting. A study carried out in Singapore (1999)[4] 3 indicated that associated congenital deformities occurred in 1.5% of the total cleft population.

Other studies have reported figures which may not be directly comparable with those listed above. A French investigation by Stoll et al (2000)[5] 4 indicated that of 460 cleft infants born in Northeastern France between 1979 and 1996, 36.7% had associated malformations. A Portuguese study (1999)[6] 5 of 284 patients indicated that 27.5% had associated malformations. Analysis of data for the Magdeburg region in Germany (1998)[7] 6 indicated that 22% of all children with oral clefts had additional malformations.

Note: The large differences in the figures reported above may be due to the distinction between what constitutes a syndrome and what constitutes a malformation. A syndrome is where a number of conditions exist together, while referral to associated malformations may actually indicate a single condition existing in association with a cleft. [Eddie Byrne]

Included are details of but a few known syndromes.


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